Soriba's farewell July 2019

Iden lab 2019 

PhD thesis defense Soriba October 2018

Iden lab retreat 2017 (Copenhagen)

This year we headed to our northern neighbours, spending three intensive days packed with science, cooking, game and games in Copenhagen

Iden lab retreat October 2016 (Texel & Amsterdam)

Iden lab August 2016


Lab retreat 2015 (Monschau): After lots of science, cooking, snow and powerpoint karaoke we also enjoyed some relaxing moments outside


Lab retreat 2014 in Monschau: after two intensive days of science and cooking     


Iden lab 2014

Iden lab 2013

Lab trip 2015

After geo caching and Früh Kölsch ... at the Heinzelmännchen fountain

Carnival 2014


   5th season in Cologne - Iden, Niessen, Haase labs

Lab trip 2012

break at Rotweinwanderweg