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Research Group "Cell Polarity and Cancer"


Cell polarization is crucial for development and tissue homeostasis, and aberrant polarity contributes to various diseases. The Iden laboratory investigates functions of polarity proteins in

  • skin morphogenesis and homeostasis
  • epithelial regeneration and stress responses
  • intercellular communication
  • coupling of mechanical and biochemical signals
  • different types of cancer

We investigate how deregulated polarity signaling impacts on cyto-architecture, survival and cell death in vivo using genetically modified mice in developmental and disease models as well as 2D and 3D in vitro cell culture systems. Our aim is to better understand how cell polarity affects age-associated pathologies to reveal novel directions for targeted therapies.



Iden Lab News

New paper!

Massive congratulations to Martim, Soriba and Michael for their great team work - see their findings in Nat Comms - cheers! rdcu.be/bMftV

Master defense

Susi rocked the show with a very convincing Master thesis defense on cellular cross-talk in the skin - congratulations!!

Master defense

Kat successfully defended her Master thesis - well done, congratulations!

Dr. Letzian, congratulations!

Soriba successfully defended his PhD thesis on his work of polarity proteins in epidermal genome integrity - cheers!

EMBO Workshop "Cell Polarity and Membrane Dynamics" 2019

Pete Cullen and Sandra are excited to organize the next EMBO Workshop on above topic at beautiful Sant Feliu de Guixols in May 2019 - stay tuned!

new paper - Genetic interaction of aPKClambda and Par3 in skin cancer

Our joint paper with our neighbours Carien Niessen & team just came out - Congrats, Dominik, Susi and everybody involved - this was a marathon!

seeking student assistant

interested? see "open positions"

International meeting of the DFG SPP1782 in July

“Epithelial intercellular junctions as dynamic hubs to integrate forces, signals and cell behavior”

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